Oh, Sister

by Folkways

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An unfinished collection of demos that will, hopefully, be completed once I have some free time. This is the product of Pacific Blush stripped down, the spaciousness of the acoustics allowing the music to grow in a very folk-y way. Thus the name change to "Folkways."


All songs written by Matt Marcure except "Oh, Frustrated Goodness" "Mariana" -- by Matt Marcure and Jarod Quiring; "Spring Hall Convert" by Deerhunter and "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" written by Neutral Milk Hotel.

All lyrics by Matt Marcure (except 7 and 8)

Matt Marcure - Guitar and Vocals (On all tracks except 5 and 6 - Piano and Drums)
Jarod Quiring - Guitar and Vocals (On 2,3,6, 7,8 and 10), Bongo and Backing Vocals on "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (Cover)."


released September 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Pacific Blush California

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Track Name: Sister
I know you feel down
from all the hands that
have mislead you
and all the eyes
green and blue
that have depressed you

time after time
slight after slight x2

(it’s just the green and blue
it’s not you, anyway)

Your bones, your muscles
of atrophy. What does it matter
when your mind is nearly null?
When the routine is your own,
is it just a spirit of atrophy?

Oh, I know sometimes it’s hard
but don’t feel down
from the heels of the one
the sister of a slight
after slight it’s just
the green and blue
it’s not you, anyway
Track Name: Oh, Frustrated Goodness
As I lay here
warmed with the
pains of yesterday
Oh no such

Oh, as

I lay here
where Feet do sleep
there is nothing more
For me
but yesterday

How frustrated
to be good & nothing more
Oh How frustrated
to be sedate & surrogate
How great to be
alone walkin’ in the door
Track Name: Distortion Song
Within these phone lines
I get sooo lost oh,
I want to get lost
So drunk In the
(absence’s faze)
To get found, fine
so long as I’m with lost

Eros by the phone
Thanatos by the wire
We drink until we’re droned
(we think we’re alone)

As frost hits the panes
Snow chalk tells me to sleep 
through eyes as amps
light, chamomile &honey,
(within the) surrounding distortion

when I look at you, you wont be long
but ill stay around till the end of things
Track Name: Mainline (Islet)
The crooked blinds of the morn
reminds my own blindness
of the night’s now distant light
beckoning, like a siren on an islet
only returning with less than I felt

Don’t ask me of more than my body’s
will, as I can only swim so far
and with each day I come closer
and closer to the innermost shore

When blindness returns
under cloudless skies, I'm only
to be found weaker
on each receding wave

Clear, oh it’s almost clear
Clear, oh it’s almost so clear
Clear, oh it’s so clear